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Sri Lanka: Negombo Fishmarket

This year our journey led us to Sri Lanka that gave me a great opportunity to get back with plenty of images representing the country’s pleople, lifestyle and landscapes. Our first stop was Negombo, North of Colombo where we were able to dive into the life of fishermen at Negombo Fishmarket.

Sri Lanka in general
Sri Lanka is an island located in the Indian Ocean South of India and offers outstanding landscape. People there are warm, welcoming and always laugh although most of them are poor.

Negombo Fishmarket
Our first stop took us to the fishmarket in Negombo. The smell there was very uncommon for two Austrians who are used to clean, fresh and nice surroundings. There we learned to know a fisherman who gave us a brief insight to a fisherman’s work. He himself has been working as a fisherman for more than 20 years and with a private teacher he learns German – which is quite good for a man learning the language for about six months – for better earnings in the tourist branch in future.

Fishermen start early in the morning sailing with their catamerans into the ocean to catch fish, crabs and lobsters. A fisherman usually earns around two Euros for ten hours per day. At the fishmarket fresh seafood is sold directly to their consumers. Fish that are not sold within one day will be applied to the sand on the beach, salted with bay salt, dried for a few days and sold to factory in Colombo or directly to dealers in Kandy.

The following images represent our impressions of the fishmarket the fisherman gave us that day.

Negombo Fishmarket - entrance

Negombo Fishmarket – entrance

Fisherman sorting a fishnet

Fisherman sorting a fishnet for further use on the next day in Negombo, Sri Lanka

Fishermen after coming home in Negombo, Sri Lanka

Fishermen after coming home in Negombo, Sri Lanka

Drying salted Fish, Negombo, Sri Lanka

Female worker at Negombo Fish Market, Sri Lanka, drying salted fish




A Fisherman at work

A Fisherman at work






Gear used
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  • Nikkor 24-70/2.8
  • Nikkor 70-200/2.8 VRI
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